Victory in Death

imageThis Israeli flag is flapping in the wind atop Masada. To Jewish people, this place has become a symbol of their “never again” belief. It was here that the last of the zealots (the freedom fighters of their day [Matthew 10:4 – Jesus had one in His group]) of the 66 AD Jewish Revolt against the Romans were ‘defeated.’ It would be the last Jewish presence in this area until the Israeli victory in the Six Day War of ’67, almost a 1,000 years later!
The last 900+ members of the Israeli army gathered in the synagogue on top of King Herod’s mountain fortress to decide their own fate. They believed in their cause so much that they decided to take their own lives and go out as free men rather than die at the hands the Romans or worse end up as their slaves.
We have to make that same choice each and every day. Do we believe the truths found in Scripture, our biblical tools, will actually bring freedom over our drugs of choice? Are we willing to die to ourselves, our way of thinking, our way of solving our challenges, and our way of meeting our needs to trust in Jesus, who is more zealous for our freedom than we are (“it is for freedom that Christ has set us free”)?
Hopefully your faith is more than a mere ascent to a number of doctrines or creeds. Hopefully it is something you’re willing to die for as victory only comes in death – ours. Freedom from your drug of choice will take real faith, one that exercises the truths the Spirit gives every day everywhere you go throughout your day.
Make the choice today, right now, to die to you and live through Jesus. Death is the only way to victory.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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