Your Bullseye

imageI can’t tell you where I saw this car, but suffice it to say that today I traveled in both Palestinian and Israeli controlled areas. Either way, the owner of this car put a bullseye on their back…on purpose! They didn’t have to let anyone know they believe in Jesus; and yet, they have put it out there for everyone to see. Believers in Jesus are not warmly embraced in either country.
This is a huge and costly step of faith they’ve taken. They will either grow stronger in their faith as they choose each day to respond the way Jesus would to the slights, the stares and the stones they will face, all of which can lead to one’s drug of choice. Or, they will wilt under the intense daily pressure by running away – either emotionally or physically.
You might not deal with the same kind of pressure this believer faces each day, but the moment you placed your faith in Jesus, you choose to put a bullseye on your back…on purpose! Your enemy wants to intimidate, harass and unhinge you so you turn to your drug of choice rather than to Jesus.
Don’t attempt to cover up your bullseye. Instead, choose to keep putting up your shield of faith in the specific truths the Spirit has given you. This way your faith will continue to grow stronger with each passing day.
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