Weakness is Strength

imageIn the book Fearless, the story of Navy Seal Adam Brown, the author shares about Adam’s checkered past, which if known to those in his group, could have sunk his career. One day while relaxing on a pier watching a fisherman, Adam opened up about his past with a fellow SEAL. Something neither had done during their intense training to become SEAL’s in the first place.
Adam shared about his past drug use, the still tempting voice to go back to that drug, his jail time, the heartbreak his drug use had caused his wife and family and how as a believer in Jesus, becoming a SEAL was not just a dream, but his last hope.
His buddy shared, “I was awestruck. I was glad to know that he had his demons too. I know I sure did. Weakness makes people real, and he let me know his, and that took serious trust. If the wrong people got wind of his past, that could have been bad for him. Something in him trusted me and so I shared my demons with him. As we walked away from that pier I thought, This guy is good to go. I could trust him completely.”
It takes tremendous strength to share your weakness with another believer; and yet, James 5:16 states it’s the only way to see your life changed. Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:10, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” This is not an oxymoron. The truth is that when we realize we’re weak, we can run to the only unlimited source of strength there is in this world – Jesus. And more often than we may care to acknowledge, He will use other believers to give us the strength we need to defeat our past and current drug of choice use.
It’s time to trust the Word of God. Let others in on your dirty secrets so the Spirit can clean them up and out.
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