Did You Really Say That?

no you did notHere’s a statement I recently read on an e-book site. I changed the wording just enough to protect the author in case he meant something different. The subtitle of his book was, “How to get what you want from God.”
Yup, that’s exactly what was written. Now, if you take this information that your eyes fed your brain through Scripture, you’d quickly realize that this is info is wrong on so many levels. One, I can’t manipulate God. Two, as an excellent Father, He will not give me what I want if it’s not good for me. Three, do I actually know what I want or need in the first place?! Four, God is not the “Big Candy Man” in the Sky ready to supply my every whim.
This list could go on and on, but here is the bottom line. What if He doesn’t give you what you want? Will you throw an adult temper tantrum and choose to handle life using your drug of choice, which only destroys your peace and eventually your life? Will you lose or use your faith?
Yes, Psalm 37:4 states that God will give you the desires of your heart…only after you delight yourself in Him. After you trust in Him and align yourself with His way of living are you ready to receive the desires of your heart. Why? For the first time in your life you really will be able to know what is best for you, which is to be more like Jesus, and then ask for it.
You need to filter what you read and pray through the Word of God. Then and only then will you truly get what you want.
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