Experience is the Best Teacher, Really?

experience-is-the-best-teacher“Just as the Germans had left at the end of the Great War (WWI), so they would leave again,” wrote Leon Leyson, a Holocaust survivor, in The Boy on the Wooden Box. Based upon his father’s prior experience with Germans, he went on to write, “My Father was making the same mistake so many others were, believing that the Germans with whom he was now dealing were no different from the ones he had known before. He had no idea, nor could he have had, of the limitless inhumanity and evil of this new enemy.”
Based upon their experience with the Germans of WWI, the Polish Jews decided to stay in Poland rather than flee the oncoming German army. “After all, what can we trust if not our own experience?”
Experience is not always the best teacher. It assumes that our past experiences, either good or bad, can be trusted to make good decisions in the present. What worked last time, however, might not work this time. This is true because one assumes one has all the facts and can see the present situation for it is. Yet reality states that you’re only seeing the situation from your limited perspective made up of your experiences. Two people can see the same accident from opposite sides of the street and draw two very different conclusions as to how the accident happened.
Jesus is the best teacher. Only He can see the accident from every angle. We must choose to walk in the Spirit throughout our day so we can listen to Jesus, not our experiences, if we want to live in freedom today and tomorrow.
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