I am a Rock…Not!

Jesus is the rockI’m so glad I don’t believe the lyrics to this song: “I’ve built walls/That none may penetrate/I have no need of friendship/Friendship causes pain/If I never loved/I never would have cried/I have my books/And my poetry to protect me/I am shielded in my armor/I touch no one and no one touches me/I am a rock/I am an island/And a rock feels no pain/And an island never cries.”
I was having coffee with a couple of friends this morning when I was asked how I was doing. I could’ve blown off their question with, “I’m fine.” Or, I could fess up and share how I was really doing. I chose the later by exercising the truth. They acknowledged my transparency with an approving nod.
Later in the conversation, as they were talking, it hit me. The Spirit just spoke into my life through my friends and they didn’t even know it! The Spirit strung together my blog entry from yesterday and this conversation with what He was trying to teach me. Peace rushed over my mind and heart as the pieces fell into place.
I am not a rock. I feel pain whether people are in my life or not. I want love even if people are not around. I cry while I’m reading books or being touched by a movie. I am not an island either. I feel pain even wearing my armor. I feel alone and cry behind my walls. I’d feel lost and unfocused even if I was on an island.
I am a human being who is also a secure child of God. I can either face life with all its joys and sorrows alone or walk with other believers. It’s my choice. It’s yours as well.
I’m so glad the Spirit of God gave me the strength to exercise the truth to be vulnerable and transparent enough to apply the truth of James 5:16. Because I did, I walked away much lighter this morning, even after a few large cups of coffee. I am not a rock…Jesus is!
“S”et Fre“E” Noww“W”

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