Be Fully Present in the Moment

sunriseThe Lord is trying to drill this into my head. Be fully where I am when I’m there, not where I’m going next. Yeah my body might be here, but my mind can already be thinking about the next item on my to-do list even while I’m doing what I’m doing; thus stealing my peace.
This mentality is based in a lie: I have to get a lot done for Jesus to be significant. He needs me to do xy and z, right now!
This lie leads to a schedule crammed full of activities that can never be finished in one day. This lie leads to a day arranged so tight that the least “unexpected” (life always has them; thus, they’re not really unexpected) interruption can cause anxiety, a path to my drugs of choice. This lie leads to pushing the limits of time, causing me to hurry from one thing or being late to the next thing causing stress, another path to my drugs of choice.
Truth: Jesus doesn’t need me to do anything for Him, but everything with Him. Truth: I’m already significant as a secure child of God this very second. Truth: I only have the moment, not the next minute, let alone the next day. Truth: Jesus is God, not me.
Therefore, I can relax and be fully present in the moment. It’s His job to take care of the next one, not me, which brings peace. I can be fully in the moment because I don’t have to put so much into my day to prove anything to anyone, which brings peace. I can relax, not rush, to the next activity while being with Jesus, who brings peace.
Life is not about doing for, but being with Jesus. Be fully present in the moment. Jesus will take care of the next one. Who knows, you just might touch another life for eternity in this moment.
“S”et Free Nowww

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