Is that So?

is that soI heard this one the other day, “A beer is cheaper than a chiropractor.” It was much easier and less expensive for this person to drink in order to ease their pain than it was to pay a chiropractor to get rid of it.
Paul calls this an “argument” that must be demolished in 2 Corinthians 10:5. The Spirit tells us to take captive our rationalizations and justifications for the things we do to Christ and evaluate them. Are they true or a lie?
Is the above rationalization for drinking biblical? Not in the least. One, beer only kills the pain temporarily. Once the alcohol wears off, the pain will come back. It’s a short-term feel good fix (Heb. 11:25). Beyond that, I’ve never heard of someone wrapping their car around a tree after going to a chiropractor. Yes there is freedom of choice, but not in consequences.
We must examine why we do what we do if we want to become more like Christ. Take a look behind the curtain of your behavior and examine your reasons for the things you do. Do they match with the truth of God? If not, it’s time to demolish them using the FREEdom process. If so, it’s time to exercise the truth asking for the Spirit’s power and for your BIG partner’s prayer to bring victory.
Se“T FREE” Nowww

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