Stop Your Cycle!

break-cycleChange me already, Lord! Ever said that or a variation of it? I know I have. I want to be more like Jesus…yesterday; but at times, it seems like I’m up and down. I walk. I fall.
This describes what’s called the sin-confession-sin cycle. It’s where one loses or fails to be or do what Jesus is asking them to be or do. The person then confesses their sin to Jesus (hopefully quickly), asks His forgiveness, and gets back up to walk with Him again (hopefully just as quickly), only to fall again, which starts the cycle all over again.
The first step to stop this frustrating cycle, after wanting to change (if you don’t want to change, nothing will help!), is to slow down and listen to the Spirit. Life change starts by rooting out the lies behind the behavior, not by focusing on the behavior itself (Rom. 12:2). And it’s the Spirit’s job to get at that lie. He can do it all by Himself, through His Word of Truth and/or through His people speaking truth.
It’s hard for many of us to slow down and listen, however, let alone expose ourselves to the Spirit’s examination. Yet if we don’t, what hope do we ever have of stopping that frustrating cycle to experience the sweet taste of victory? Work harder or run faster? Give up and live with the endless cycle?
Want off? Your God loves you and wants you to be like Jesus, the only who can give you what you’re looking for in life; therefore remember, it is for freedom from this cycle that Jesus came!
Begin the process today by getting on a daily Bible reading schedule with the intent to hear the Spirit speak to you, and making sure your BIG partner is both listening and talking to Jesus on your behalf in this specific area (James 5:16).
Se“T” Free Nowww

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