The Power of Belief

beliefIt’s a full moon where I live and the dogs are going crazy. It seemed like every where I walked tonight, dogs barked at me. I heard one particular animal rushing towards me at full speed by the way their claws dug into the dirt. I knew it couldn’t hurt me, though, and kept right on walking.
Where did this peace come from? I knew there was a fence between me and that dog. No matter how fast it was going or mean it might be, it could only go so far – that chain link fence.
This is the power of belief. If I didn’t first know that fence was there and then believe it could protect me, I would have handled the situation much differently. But I could peacefully keep walking because I knew and believed in that fence.
We can know the truth, but peace only comes as we believe enough to act upon that knowledge or what I call, exercise the truth. What truths are you putting into your shield of faith today? Once you have them ask the Spirit to empower you to actually use them on your daily walk. There’s tremendous power in belief.
S“E”t Fre“E” Nowww

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