Are You Crazy, Lord?

imageI heard the most amazing Jesus story today. A well known child of God who plays music (notice what I didn’t say – a well known Christian artist) was told by God to give away his very expensive guitar at an upcoming gig.
Once at his show, he started looking for the person he was to give it to. After playing, someone came to him and said, “See that kid? He’s going on a mission’s trip tonight and needs a guitar.” He gave the kid his guitar and flew home that night.
There was a problem. He made his living with that guitar and had another gig in four days. He needed a guitar himself! He started praying, “Lord, I don’t have the money to buy a guitar, where am I going to get one in the next four days?”
That day a guitar company called and asked him to endorse their guitar. He asked what that meant. All he had to do was use their guitar on stage, nothing more. He asked, “What guitar could I have?” Any one he wanted. He got a better guitar than he had!
Secure children of God listen to Jesus and follow, even when it sounds crazy! We can’t take guitars when we leave this earth to go home. We do take Christ-like character. This guy exchanged a temporary guitar with eternal character.
Listening and following Jesus might sound crazy, but the great exchange carries eternal weight. Keep living each day with Jesus using your biblical tools. You’ll get better at hearing Him. And the next time you hear from Jesus, it just might not be as crazy as it sounds.
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