Your Past is Past

imageThese kids are not afraid to put it out there. Printed on their t-shirts is what their former drug of choice was. One of them told me that she also has a t-shirt emblazoned with ex-homosexual. Now, that’s putting it out there!
This is their Jesus story. There is hope for real life change in the here and now, not just when we head home to heaven. Jesus changed and is changing their lives. These issues are in their past!
Every believer has a drug of choice, where we go other than to Jesus to meet our needs. Will we admit it and then will we turn to Jesus for help, are the questions we have to answer if we want to be rid of our pasts.
When we use our biblical tools through the Spirit’s power our lives will be changed. And it will continually be as we use those same life-changing tools on our next drug as well.
These young adults were not ashamed of their past as it is just that…in their past! They’ve experienced Jesus in real time. You can too! Pick up your tools and put your past in your past.
Set Free Nowww

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