A Refreshing Drink of Life

ice coldI wasn’t able to walk and talk with Jesus until it was 89 degrees outside due to my schedule. That’s a little warm for some, but just right for me. Before I headed out, though, I grabbed a bottle of ice cold water. It took less than two miles to turn lukewarm! Why? It stop being where it could stay cold.
Jesus lovingly nailed the church that existed at Laodicea for being neither refreshingly hot nor cold. They had become lukewarm. They stopped doing what got them hot (i.e. staying on the stove) or cold (i.e. staying refrigerated) in the first place.
Hey, I drank the lukewarm water, but it surely wasn’t very satisfying, let alone refreshing. Here’s a few questions to ask from Acts 2:42-44 to keep drinking in a refreshing life. One, is your trust in Jesus and His Word increasing (“apostles teaching”)? This goes to your daily reading of the Word while listening to Jesus speak to you. Two, is your love for Jesus and His people growing (“fellowship”)? This goes to the fact that you gather with other believers because you need them to grow in Jesus.
And three, is your worship of and witness for Jesus developing a stronger hope (“breaking bread,” “prayers,” “and the Lord added daily those being saved”)? As you keep using your biblical tools each day to listen to and follow Jesus with every thought, word and action, your life will change. This is worship. As your life changes, others will see it and hopefully want what you have. This is witness.
Your life will be refreshing as you keep answering “Yes” to these three questions. Stop doing any of them and you’ll become as lukewarm as the water I drank on the trail. It’s barely satisfying and certainly not refreshing.
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