Heed Your Warning Lights

oil lightThe oil light just came on my dashboard. I can do one of two things with this information. I can ignore it and watch my engine burn up, which would cost thousands of dollars down the road. Or, I can heed it and put oil in my car, which would only cost a few dollars today. It was a no brainer. I put oil in my car.
Suffering is like that oil light. It’s a warning signal to a potential character building situation (Romans 5:3-5). Suffering or challenges should cause us to slow down and ask ourselves, “Is there something I’m doing that is going to cost me big time if I don’t take care of it now?” If the Spirit, who has been poured into your heart, doesn’t reveal anything, then keep using your biblical tools to listen to and follow Jesus. If He does point something out, it’s time to use your biblical tools to discover where the problem is (aka the lie in your thinking) and let Him fix it.
If we heed suffering’s warning signal, our lives can be changed, which brings eternal dividends. If we choose to ignore it by continuing to drive down the road of life doing what we’ve always done, now with a terrible attitude, we’ll pay the price, maybe not today, but definitely down the road.
Life is not just about living. It’s about using life’s daily situations to draw closer to and become more like Jesus. Head your warning lights – let the Spirit change your life.
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