Action Then Revelation

god shows upI often hear believers quote John 8:32, “The truth will set you free.” As stated, it’s believed that if they merely quote some verses from the Bible they will be free from sin and its consequences – shame, guilt, fear, embarrassment, etc.
Nope, it’s not the way God works. Before Jesus said the above words, He told those who had just placed their faith in Him, “Put this faith into action by trusting Me enough to put what I tell you (“My teaching”) into life practice (“hold to”). As you do, you will begin to understand that I’m telling you the truth (“know the truth”), which will set you free.”
Faith in Jesus means acting upon His words, not merely saying them. God’s process of life change is to first put into action what He says to do; and then, and only then, will you see freedom from your drugs of choice. In other words, as you listen to and follow Jesus, your life will be changed – not a minute before.
It’s action and then revelation, practice then life change. Want to see God work firsthand? Trust Him enough to do what He says in any given situation.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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