Arriving Home Safely

motorcycleRiding a motorcycle is very relaxing to me, especially as there are plenty of back roads to enjoy a good ride without having to get on the Southern California freeways. The roads I take have plenty of twists and turns and ups and downs to make for a wonderful riding experience. I also love arriving home safely!
At my current skill level, though, there is one riding situation I incur that challenges my goal of an enjoyable ride and arriving home safely – going over hills where I can’t see the road ahead. This situation causes my heart rate to speed up a little. In order to make it up the hill I have to roll back on the throttle to increase my speed. Yet if there is an immediate curve at the crest of the hill, I have to back off the throttle to slow down in order to make the curve safely. It’s not a good idea miss the curve and hit an on coming truck! Nope, it’s no fun at all.
I’m speeding up to possibly slow down, what do I do? I trust my coach’s instructions. I took a rider safety course before I ever got my motorcycle license. I was taught how to handle situations just like these. If I trust my given riding skills, I will accomplish both goals – enjoy the ride and arrive safely home. The question is, “Will I trust my teacher?”
Want to feel secure? Take a daily riding course – listen to the Teacher as you read His Word. Want to enjoy the ride while arriving home safely? Use the biblical tools/truths your Coach gives you in His Word. Do this and you’ll be just fine. The question is, “Will you trust your Teacher?”
“S”et Free Nowww

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