Healthy Choices

healthy choicesRichard Wurmbrand (Tortured for Christ) once said, “Whenever we came across a repellent sin, we did not sit in judgment. We considered how we might cure the disease. A good tailor never throws away a scrap of cloth.”
We all make bad choices – some worse than others, but bad nonetheless. Rather than kill ourselves or others over it, we must learn to learn from those bad choices. Use the FREEdom process to get at the lie, the root of the disease, and apply the medicine of biblical truth, which will cure us and others from making that terrible choice again.
Wurmbrand also said, “Be zealous in thinking what is right and true, and you will not need to run away from sin, for sin will run away from you.” Focus on keep healthy and it’s hard to get sick. Keep in mind: life is a series of opportunities to choose to get closer to Jesus. What will your choices reveal?
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