Trust the Friendship

friends with JesusJesus, the most important person in the world, calls you His friend. The God of the universe knows you by name; and yet, He still calls you His friend. Imagine that, friends of and with God!
This should do two things. One, it should make you feel great! Wow, He thinks that much of you to call you His friend. Remember, He is calling you a friend. He thinks that much of you. Pretty special, huh?
Secondly, it should cause you to stop and think, “How am I treating this friendship? Do I take it for granted? Is it all about me and what I want?” If your human friends were like this, what would you do? I doubt you would tolerate it much.
It’s been said, “All responsibility without joy will crush a person and turn Christian service into slavery. All joy without godly fear will make the servant shallow and immature. We enjoy intimacy and carry responsibility, and we must keep them in balance.”
We are His friends and should rejoice in that truth, but Jesus also said this friendship carries with it a responsibility to listen to and follow Him. Your friend is calling you to walk with Him. Does it matter where He’s taking you? Enjoy the relationship and take the next step in your friendship with Him, even if it’s uncomfortable.
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2 thoughts on “Trust the Friendship

  1. I read something once that the purpose of friendship is to bring out the best in one another. Well, obviously Jesus is already the best, but He’s bringing out the best in us as we take those steps with Him. We just need to look at each step as part of an amazing adventure with Him. What fun!

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