I’ve Got My Eyes on You!

watching youI recently went indoor shooting with a few law enforcement friends. As I was shooting, I noticed that I consistently missed to the lower left of the target. It didn’t matter what I did to correct it either. I still missed in the same general area.
After repeatedly doing this, I asked one of friends to watch me while I shot a few rounds. They quickly noticed the problem. They told me I wasn’t gripping my weapon tight enough. The force of the projectile was moving the weapon in my hand; thus, causing me to miss the mark to the lower left of the target.
Sure enough, I was able to group my shots within the target as I gripped my weapon tighter. I couldn’t have seen this on my own. It took another person to observe what I was doing. This is what other believers do in Bible Impact for each other. We don’t counsel each other; we listen to each other using our biblical tools. We often don’t realize how we’re missing the mark in our thinking, which leads to actions, until we talk out loud with another person.
If you want to become more like Jesus, you’ll need others to watch your life and listen to your words. Who’s watching your life? Who have you given permission to tell you straight up what they’re hearing? Freedom comes to those who are transparent.
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