Own Your Perspective

perspective 2I was reading one of those feel good stories today that piqued my interest. It was about a pitcher who struggled to make it in the major leagues. One of those struggles was a bone spur that severed his tendon and ruptured ligaments in his knee.
One day while feeling sorry for himself during rehab, “a beautiful young girl walks in.” She was limping badly. She was a star soccer player on her way to play the game on a college scholarship when she lost her left leg to amputation at the knee and much of her right calf to a terrible accident.
The major leaguer said, “That’s when I lost it. The good Lord was like, ‘Wake up, dude.’ Perspective. Is baseball, your livelihood, the worst that can be taken from you? No, this girl almost lost her life. Losing her leg was a blessing.”
She lived that same perspective. She stated, “I was born normal, and I’m having to adapt to a different situation, a different way of life. This is my normal now. I’m used to it this way. This has been a blessing in disguise. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve become a really good person, and I’ve been able to do a lot for others.”
Indeed she has. She not only touched the life of this major league pitcher, but her college teammates as well. Her coach honored her scholarship where she went on to make national headlines by playing goalie in a game with her prosthetic leg. Her coach had this to say, “She was someone who more than lived up to her end of the bargain when it came to changing the program.”
We don’t choose our gifts and talents. They’re given to us. We don’t choose our physical attributes. We’re born with them. We don’t even choose life’s accidents. They simply happen. We do choose, however, whether we will walk with and become more like Jesus no matter how we were born or what happens along the way. Here’s a truth for your filter: when you’re weak, He can be strong for you. It’s your choice to let Him.
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