Proper Balance of Truth & Compassion

truth and compassionThere’s been quite a bit of hubbub over how Robin Williams died. Among other things, some have called it cowardly. Here’s something to ponder.
In Jewish tradition, suicide is such a “severe sin” that Rabbi’s are not supposed to give a eulogy at the person’s funeral. Yet, “even as Jewish law expresses its categorical contempt for suicide as a viable option (my note: truth is still truth); it makes clear its empathy for those acting under the kinds of compulsion brought on by depression and other forms of mental illness (my note: all brains are damaged due to sin; thus, not all brains and bodies are wired and work equally the same). It is extremely unlikely that a person would commit such an act of folly unless his mind was disturbed. Jewish law found a beautiful balance between abhorrence of an act before it is committed and compassion for the victims of self-destruction in the aftermath of its tragedy.”
The New Testament shows the same balance. Jesus is the Redeemer, one who is righting a great wrong done by the consequences of sin – both others and our own. The Scripture is clear: truth is truth and there are consequences to not following it.
Jesus is also God, who can see into all the nooks and crannies of our soul and mind – all the junk and pain put there by anyone’s choices – and still say with open arms, “I don’t like what I see, but I love you!”
Yes, we stand for truth. It’s the only mechanism by which we can be set free from the consequences of sin. Yet, Scripture shows that everyone has a drug of choice (1 Jn. 1:8); and, it’s a battle to overcome that drug, even in the best of circumstances.
We don’t have to like what someone does, but we can certainly examine our own struggles to overcome our bad choices before we react to it (Gal. 6:1). Afterwards, we can stand for truth while showing compassion to and love for them as they travel forward on their journey. The is the proper balance for believers: stand for truth while lovingly holding each other accountable to the process of life change.
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