Re-Focus Your Focus

shock and aweShock and awe was a phrase used by the press to describe a military battle. In my hometown last week it took on an entirely new meaning – thunder and lightening. We had one of the best natural sound and light shows in my lifetime. We even had inch long hail to go with it!
Now, this was fun and exciting stuff to me. Yet, the same situation caused fear and trembling in many households throughout our area just like it could have in Noah’s. Neither he nor his family had ever seen rain before they entered the ark. These storm clouds could have had a few extra curricular activities in the sky going along with them. This experiential unknown lasted for 40 days! Shock and awe could have turned into fear and trembling if not for the truths God gave Noah. Noah put up his shield of faith in God’s promise that He would keep Noah alive and well through it all.
Now, what would happen in Noah’s household when it started to rain again? Don’t answer that just yet. Keep in mind, the only time they saw rain it was a destroying factor. Rain = Bad could be their thinking. Or they could choose to rewrite that equation: Rain = God keeps His promises. The first equation brings fear and trembling, shock and awe. The second brings peace and safety. What did God tell Noah to do? Focus on the second. In fact, God actually gave Noah a way to remember His promises as well, a rainbow.
It’s the same situation – stormy weather – with two entirely different results. Your victory and peace depends on where your focus will be. You can focus on the challenge or the solution. It’s your choice. Choose today to put up your shield of faith (the truths God gives you as you read His word) to re-write the equation for victory.
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