Addicted to Stupid

apple fritterI heard this phrase today on sports radio. I know it sounds harsh, so let me explain. Let’s say your drug of choice is food. Then let’s say that your life is getting hard or your expectations are not getting met (see yesterday’s entry). Where will you turn to meet your expectations, an apple fritter?
Doesn’t that sound pretty dumb? It doesn’t, but at the same time it does. Psalm 115:4,8 states, “Their idols are silver and gold, made by the hands of men. Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them.” Think about that. You become what you worship and you worship what or who you turn to when life disappoints you.
If you turn to the fritter to meet your need for fulfillment, the Bible says you will become like that donut. Your face starts turning a little lumpy. Your hair begins to have a glaze like shine. We must drive this picture into our brains – our bodies turning into an apple fritter! You become what you worship; and in this case, it’s an apple fritter.
Sounds stupid doesn’t it? The dictionary defines stupid as: slow to learn or understand, and making poor decisions or careless mistakes. When we forget what eating that donut did to us the last time we ate it and keep choosing it over exercising the truths of God’s Word, we become addicted to stupid. Why? We’re failing to learn! We’re repeating the same poor decision because an apple fritter cannot bring us what we’re looking for in life – love and fulfillment.
Exercising the truth in the Spirit’s power will set us free from the addiction to stupid. As we choose to trust Jesus and His Word, we become addicted to smart! Choosing Jesus to meet your needs is not always the easiest choice to make; but, in the end, it’s the smart and most fulfilling one. Unless of course, you love looking like an apple fritter.
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