Run Away Expectations

expectations 2Expectations. Desires. Dreams. If not filtered can spell disaster! Here’s why. How do you feel when your expectations are not met? Lousy. What happens when you don’t get what you desire? Upset. How do you react when your dreams don’t come true? Frustrated.
Lousy, upset, and frustrated can lead to your drugs of choice. They can also lead you to take a step back to filter them through the truths of Scripture. One leads to disaster. One leads to better decisions to get what you’re really expecting and dreaming of – being happy and fulfilled.
My BIG reading this morning showed me something about expectations. The moment our first parents sinned, a huge curse entered the world – painfully hard work with little hope of a good return and strained relationships. This is what we should expect, nothing more or less…without Jesus.
Ask yourself this, if you find yourself at the doorstep of your drug of choice, “Am I standing here because my dreams, expectations and desires don’t line up with Scripture?” If so, it’s time to exchange them with the truths the Spirit gives you while you listen to Him in the Word. Let the Lord put His desires in your heart and you’ll never be disappointed again. He will meet those expectations (Ps. 37:4), which drives you closer to Jesus and further away from doorstep of your drugs of choice.
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