Stay under the Patio Cover!

hailWe had quite a thunder and lightening storm a few days backs. I mentioned we had hail as long as an inch in some locations of our city. In fact, you could hear the hail hit the roof of my house with quite a bang. I was able to safely watch all of this because I choose to stay under my patio cover.
What if I decided to leave that covering? I would not only have gotten soaked to the bone from the large falling raindrops, but I could also have been seriously hurt depending on how many of those hailstones hit me. I used wisdom and stayed under the cover and watched nature do her thing.
1 Peter 5:4 talks about Jesus being the Chief Shepherd. He is our patio cover. When we choose to walk and talk with Him, He can protect us from serious hurt. This doesn’t mean we won’t face difficult times. It does mean, however, that we’re protected from self-inflicted hailstones falling on our heads! We’re also protected from unfiltered Father situations, much like Israel did when they continuously left His covering for the idols of the surrounding nations.
Here’s another friendly reminder. Straying from under God’s protection hurts. I know from experience. Today, choose to exercise the truths the Spirit has given you in His power to stay under the patio cover of the Father’s protection.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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