Have a God Encounter…Today!

carry sheep'Middle Eastern shepherds would bring their flocks together into one pen while one or two kept watch. This allowed the others to catch some valuable shuteye. This is the image behind Jesus’ words, “My sheep hear My voice and follow Me.” In the morning, each shepherd would call his sheep and they’d follow him.
Luke records that the shepherds were out in the fields watching over their sheep. They were working when all of a sudden an angel appears with blinding light saying, “Chill guys. I’ve got great news for you and everyone on this planet. Today God has fulfilled His promise. He sent the Savior, the Messiah to you. Rejoice. He’s in a cave lying in a cow’s feeding trough in Bethlehem. Get up and go see Him!”
They followed the advice of the angel and saw everything as the angel had told them. They encountered the living God and simply bubbled over with joy and peace to the point they couldn’t stop talking about what they saw.
Today, will you encounter the Living God? This is why Jesus came to the earth. He wants us to have a personal experience with Him every moment of the day, no matter where our day takes us. Keep in mind that these shepherds were at work, not at the synagogue! Jesus wants to put His fingerprints all over day. Will you let Him? Will you look for them? Go ahead. Have an encounter with your God today!
“S”et Free Nowww

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