Healthy Biblical Burps

burpI once read, “We know more about the ways of the world than a man who dreams about the will of God. The call of the world is much easier to hear.” This had a huge ring of truth as I read it.
We daily receive information emanating from a system dictated and controlled by one person – our adversary. This only makes it harder to hear and follow the One voice we need to hear, Jesus’.
This fact necessitates that we pick up two very important biblical tools – the tools of memorization and meditation – to keep focused on the will of God. As we listen to Jesus in His Word, He’ll give us truth(s) to ponder throughout our day. James 1:23 reveals that we can quickly forget these truths the moment we close the book, if we don’t memorize and meditate on them.
Memorizing sticks that truth solidly into our brain. Meditation means to, forgive the analogy, to continually burp those truths to counteract the lies we’re hearing from the world and then to think about how to live them out during our day. This allows us to be near Jesus, the source of lasting living.
Yes, it is much easier to focus on what we see and hear rather than Jesus. An anti-God voice is shouting all day long at us. Filter out that screaming by putting the truths the Spirit gives you into your memory system. Then you’ll have the ability to have some healthy burps, which allow you to draw nearer to the only Voice that you really need to hear.
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