It’s Okay to be Still

breatheA recent study done by Science magazine revealed some interesting facts about Americans (though, its implications are worldwide), one of which is that we crave stimulation. The subjects in this study were given two choices. One, they could sit quietly with their thoughts for six to 15 minutes; or two, if not, they could give themselves a small electrical shock. Guess what option the majority chose? Door number two.
In this day and age of computers, smart phones, multiple channeled TVs and notepads, people have become addicted to external stimulation. We stare at our smart phones looking for more buttons to push or apps to open even after we’ve accomplished what we pick it up for in the first place.
This fact has damaging results for believers. We crave more stimuli without giving ourselves the time to process that stimulus through our biblical filters. This can lead to bad decisions as we tend to react to rather than reason through life’s situations. We’re not taking the time to weigh the consequences, good or bad, of each choice.
Our brain stores all the data it receives. If not processed out that data leads to behavioral choices. What goes in does come out. Are you taking the time to filter out the bad data or simply taking in more and more? This takes slowing down the flow of electronic stimuli into your life: shutting the radio off for a few minutes while driving, turning off the phone for certain periods of the day when you’re at home, getting on Facebook once (okay twice) per day, leaving off your background TV noise, etc. Use this “extra time” to ponder what you’ve already received, to filter out and shut down all data and voices that are contrary to Scripture (read yesterday’s blog on the need for memorization and meditation), and then to choose to listen to and follow Jesus with the data He leaves in your head. This is how good choices are made. This is where the lasting feel good comes from.
Science has indeed caught up with Scripture again. Psalm 46:10 states, “Be still and know that I am God” Kind of gives new meaning to this verse, doesn’t it?
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