It’s Your Head – Guard it!

inside your headI cringed inside as I watched the following scenario take place. There was a group of people having dinner in a restaurant. One person in the party was obviously drunk, which was getting under the skin big-time of the person satting across the table from them. This person was trying get the drunken person to stop drinking. It obviously wasn’t working as the person kept downing one drink after drink to the point of flaunting in the face of the one trying to get them to stop. What made this situation even worse was that the intoxicated person was behaving very inappropriately to those sitting next to them.
As the drinks kept coming, the sober person’s anger kept rising. You could see the unhappiness all over their face. There were times, they got up and walked outside, only to return even more upset. They were clearly letting the drunken person inside their head.
Could they control the intoxicated person? No. Could they get that person to stop drinking? No. What could they have done? Entertain this truth: You can only control you, not others. They were letting the intoxicated person get inside their head; and thus, ruining their evening with their group. They were repeatedly got up and left the restaurant, while the intoxicated person stayed and had a good old time.
Because of what Jesus has done for and in the believer, we can totally control what’s going on inside our head; and thus, we can own our reaction to any given situation. We can filter what we’re seeing and hearing through the truths of Scripture. In the Spirit’s power, we can choose to act on those truths and thereby control our reactions. We can have peace during some very uncomfortable situations by choosing to not let others get under our skin as we choose to not let them into our heads.
You choose who will be in your head – others, yourself or Jesus. Jesus is the only One who can bring peace in stressful situations (Is. 26:3).
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