Be Sure You’re Sure

puzzledAre you sure? See you if you can follow the following scenario.
Person A was mad at Person B for hurting Person C. Yet person B made a decision that protected Persons D-H, but still caused Person C to feel terrible, though if Person C knew why Person B made the decision they made, they would be extremely proud of Person B and Person A would have nothing to say at all. But Person B couldn’t tell anybody the reason for their decision because Person Z would hurt Persons D-H if Person C knew why Person B did what they did. Got it?
Sometimes we react negatively to situations because we think we’re sure of what we know, but are we really sure of the information we have? We not might be seeing or hearing the full story. This is why judging others can cause so much damage. We think we know what’s going on in a person’s head or life when in reality we’re not even close; and, would be extremely embarrassed if we really knew.
This is why we need to practice biblical love: It protects. It trusts. It hopes and it holds on. Let’s learn how to love as we continue to learn how to be sure of what we know.
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