Logical Isn’t Always Logical

squirrel“Man, I can’t believe it. They’re all gone!” We went out to our backyard to inspect our peach and pear trees the day we got home from vacation. What we found, or didn’t find, ticked us off. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. All our fruit was gone! Every last peach and all but a few small pears had been stripped from our trees.
The only logical conclusion to our dilemma was that someone had come into our backyard while we were on vacation and stole our fruit. Who would do such a thing? We’d been violated. Our property had been trespassed. Beyond this was the fact that we’d given away a lot of our fruit knowing we still had more to harvest when we got home. Now we had none!
I was sharing this story with our new neighbor so we could watch out for each other. Once I got done telling him what happened, he told me what really happened. Squirrels. He and his wife watched the entire thievery from their balcony. Squirrels climbed into our trees and took our fruit. You should have seen the look on my face, squirrels? Yup, squirrels.
Our logical conclusion was not the only logical conclusion to what we were seeing. We can jump to easy conclusions that can be wrong. As believers, we must learn to reason through life using scriptural reason, as human reasoning can lead to inaccurate conclusions!
If you want to live near Jesus and experience all that He has for you, learn to lean on His understanding, not your own.
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