The True Miracle

surrender“Men are relatively easy to kill, way to easy if you ask me, but changing their hearts – that’s where the heavy lifting comes in.” This statement reflects the hardest reality I face as a pastor.
I encounter so much human carnage – lives, marriages, families, businesses – you name it, it’s all affected by the truth of this statement. God in His infinite wisdom chose to give humanity a choice called free will. I can’t make people want to change or choose to trust in Jesus; thus carnage ensues from their bad choices.
I’m in Exodus in my BIG reading where Pharaoh is basically telling God where to get off the train. He was personally experiencing the hand of God and still would not bend his knee. At times, I have to admit, I’m just like him – stubbornly clinging to my way of thinking and living. I know my way of living doesn’t satisfy and will put a strain on my relationship with Jesus causing me to feel even more dissatisfied with life.
Then I read in Matthew where a couple of blind men were given back their sight. They couldn’t see what God was doing like Pharaoh had. Yet, they surrendered their will and asked for help. The true miracle was not in the blind now seeing, it was in the blind abandoning their hope in themselves to trust in Jesus.
“Lord, increase my faith in You so that I will exercise the truth I already know to see You change my life where I will experience true satisfaction today and tomorrow.”
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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