Try It You’ll Like It

try itThis was a phrase used in a commercial from long ago about a product I can’t remember, but has stuck with me. The point was that if you tried the product, you’d like it.
They might have been reading Scripture for all we know as Jesus said the exact same thing. He told His disciples, “Try practicing what I’ve been teaching you. When you do, you’ll definitely like the life I’ve been telling you about and you’ll be free from all the negative consequences of your bad choices” (John 8:31-32).
Jesus is asking you to trust Him and His Word. But, if you never do, you’ll never know. What step of faith has the Spirit been asking you to take? Try it. You’ll like it. What truth has He been asking you to focus on? Try it. You’ll like it.
Understand this: you’ll always discover more than you thought when you take a walk with Jesus. You will like the results, but you it’s up to you to try it.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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