Worship His Majesty

Lion of JudahThe web definition of “majestic” is “majestic in manner or bearing, superior to mundane matters, having or displaying great dignity or nobility, or imperial: belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler.”
Right now, I simply want you to stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, and think about something other than your current circumstances and Someone other than yourself. At times we get so entangled in daily life that we lose site of the bigger picture. And in doing so, our stress levels dramatically go up because all we can see is what we see.
The Psalmist tells us to stop and praise the LORD. He is great. He is majestic. He is superior to life’s daily grind. He is the supreme ruler who can help us do life’s mundane tasks. Jesus is a perfect picture of rising above any situation. Re-read the story of His last days – His trial, His conviction and His hanging on the stake. How did He handle it? He was calm, dignified and noble in His bearing and attitude to the point of forgiving those who put Him there. The task at hand didn’t dictate His attitude. He dictated the tasks, right down to the spear in His side.
So take a second right now and thank Him. He is above; and yet, is deeply involved with your life. The Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the Lion of Judah, is with you. Will you recognize and then praise Him in the midst of your daily life? Your attitude will improve tremendously when you do.
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