A Jesus Paced Life

sherwin lakeMy family likes to hike together, especially when we’re in the Eastern Sierras. There are so many hikes to choose from each year. This year we decided to take an oldie but goodie – the Sherwin Lake trail, which ends up at Sherwin Lake (go figure, right?). It’s about six miles round trip.
On this particular hike, we decided to simply enjoy the hike, not conquer it. This meant allowing someone other than myself to set the pace at which we’d ascend the hill. This strategy allowed us all to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way up, when we got there and on the way down. What a wonderfully relaxing day it was too!
Life is not about conquering, but about being and becoming. It’s not a race to see who can get to the top, but about enjoying it with those we love. We can get so caught up in conquering our days that we forget who we’re walking with, Jesus. We can get so focused on getting to the top of the heap that we don’t enjoy the one we love, Jesus.
You can conquer life without becoming like Jesus. But as you become like Jesus, you will conquer life. Let Him, not you or others, set the pace for the day. As you do, each day can be very enjoyable and fulfilling.
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