A Work in Progress

a work in progressAfter years of fighting it, I’ve finally given my daily schedule to Jesus. When I got back from vacation, I stopped living by my set of to-do lists. Instead, I’ve been asking Him each day to put my daily task list together.
This has been both frustrating and freeing at the same time. Jesus said His yoke is easy. Meaning, what He has for me to do each day can be done for and accomplished with Him. My list often leaves me harried and extremely frustrated as it always seems that I have more tasks than day to get them done.
His list is freeing as there is always enough day for the tasks – even with the interruptions that come along – that He has for me. On a practical level, as I’m learning this lesson, you might not receive these insights into God’s life-change process either on Facebook, my website or in your in-box from Monday to Friday as planned.
Yesterday was a prime example. Due to all my discipleship appointments – both scheduled and unscheduled – my day shot by before I could blink. It was an awesomely rewarding day, full of significance, minus the frustration. And yet, I literally didn’t have the time or energy to write and publish.
I’m being transparent here. Please forgive me as I continue to remember that I already am complete/significant in Christ. It’s a process to remember that He doesn’t need me to do anything for Him to be significant, but I’m already significant as I do everything I do with Him. Thanks for understanding.
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