Exercise Brings Strength

faith musclesMy eye caught something in Deuteronomy 11:8, my Bible Impact reading. See if you can catch it as well. “Observe therefore all the commands I am giving you today, so that you may have the strength to go in and take over the land that you are crossing the Jordan to possess.”
Did you catch it? You get more and more strength to taste the goodness of the Lord through victory by continually practicing listening to and following Jesus.
The Israelites were ready to cross the Jordon and take the Land God promised them. The Lord laid out their victory strategy: practice every day listening to and doing what I tell you to do; and then, and only then, will you have the strength to gain victory over your enemies and taste the good stuff – love, peace, security, significance (aka life) – that I promised to your forefathers.
It’s the same strategy that the Lord is giving you and me. Our faith will get stronger with each passing day as we keep exercising the truth the Lord gives us. As we flex our faith muscles today, we’ll have the strength to flex them tomorrow when our enemy tries to get us to handle life our way.
Exercise your faith muscles all the way to the victorious life. It will bring a smile to your face, peace to your heart and an awesome witness to those watching your life.
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