Inside Over Outside Every Time

Set Free “N”owwwbutterfly process“Once again he jumped into his truck and roared off in a cloud of black exhaust. This time the exhaust fumes smelled like perfume; yet the first time we met, this kid seemed like an old fashioned, genuine redneck. I was particularly annoyed by his brusqueness and the roar with which he pulled away.”
The author of this story was coming home with his wife from the hospital on a tire that was quickly going flat. At a stop light, he had asked this young man for help. The kid wasn’t able to help and took off with thick, black exhaust exiting his beat-up truck. Two miles down the road this same kid stopped at the side of the road when he remembered he had one of those air-in-a-can canisters, waited for this guy, and then helped him. The kid responded, when asked if he would take money, “Forget it. Ain’t nuthin’. Happy to do a good deed for a change.”
The author of the story learned a valuable lesson that day. “Before passing judgment on anyone, pause and think. Better still, try to not to pass any judgment on anyone. That is not our job; the world is blessed with its own Divine Judge.”
People can look gross on the outside (aka first impressions), but wonderful on the inside. The reverse can also be true. Each person is a work in progress. Some are going backwards; some are standing still, while still others are going forward. Until we can see the inside, which only God can see at any given moment, let’s continue to give each other room to grow. Remember, Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” even with those who tell you they can’t help with your flat tires. They just might be the very tool God uses to change your life!
Set Free “N”owww

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