The Significance of One – You!

Jesus waterTake a look at the picture. It’s a leaf on a road. What makes it significant is what is on the leaf and what is not on the pavement. The night before this picture was taken, it snowed a good half inch. The snow fell on the road. It fell on the trees. It fell on the houses. And it fell on the leaf.
The snow that fell on the houses and trees stayed well past sunrise. The snow that fell on the road melted right away into water and then dried in the morning sun, leaving the pavement dry. The snow that fell on the leaf melted into water.
Here’s the point. Those around you need Jesus water. They are so burned out on the world not meeting their needs that they’re like the snow that simply melted and then evaporated, leaving them as dry as the pavement. You are that leaf in their life. You’re on their path of life. As a secure child of God, you can be the bearer of Jesus water they need because you’re choosing to let Jesus meet your needs. You’re staying moist and supple despite life’s attempts to suck the water out of your life.
You are a secure, significant child of God. Each time you allow Jesus to meet your needs, you become a living example that Jesus really does work in the world in which you and they live. Today, choose to live out the significance of one. Choose to be the bearer of Jesus water to those around you.
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