Fresh Start…Each Choice

freshnessWow. It was one of those deep chest inhales of fresh mountain air that makes you go, “Ahh,” with a smile on your face. I went out this morning on a walk-talk with Jesus just after it had finished raining, which brought out the fresh smells of the pine trees and the wet ground. You could even hear the calming sound of the creek water running along side the road.
It was a great way to start off the day. The freshness reminded me that each day is a fresh new day to give thanks for who the Lord is, especially on a Monday, which is always a hard day to get started.
Remember that you not only get a fresh start each Monday, but each opportunity is a fresh start to choose to draw closer to and become more like Jesus. Take a deep breath. Hear the calming voice of Jesus. Then choose to go, “Ahh,” as you enjoy a closer walk with Jesus and victory over your drug of choice.
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