3′ Focused Thinking

focused thinking 2It was a military training exercise for special ops where the trainees were to climb up the side of a hill using various rock climbing techniques. One of the trainees got half way up that hill and froze. He started hearing the wind, seeing rocks tumble over the side, looking up and then down and simply couldn’t make another move no matter how much “encouragement” was shouted by his instructor from the bottom of the hill.
Finally, the instructor climbed up to where the trainee was hanging. He simply said, “Three feet circle.” It was a reference to block out everything outside of a 3’ radius from the person. Everything within that 3’ was within their control and everything outside that 3’ radius was beyond their control. In this case, when this person focused on what was beyond his control – the wind and rocks – he froze. When he focused on what he could control – his next handhold and foot placement – he again started moving up the hill.
What an example of exercising the truth! It’s 3 feet. Stay focused on what you can control – your choices – and you’ll continue to walk in victory with Jesus. Focus on what you can’t control – the choices of others, past and present – and you’ll worry, stress out, sense anger and end up frozen in your drug of choice.
It’s 3’ baby! Focus on Jesus right where you’re at while asking the Spirit to give you the strength to exercise the truths you already know and you’ll keep climbing victoriously over life’s challenging hills.
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