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cs lewis“Every part of the human existence is governed by Scripture and a biblical worldview (i.e. listening to and following Jesus every day everywhere) constructs our reality in relationship to everything. It’s not only what we do, but the very way we view the world. That’s why one of our choices each day must be to listen to Jesus while reading the Word as it helps us to see the true reality of the world around us as God constructed it. That is what biblical faith is all about – faith that constructs all of our reality.”
As believers, our faith is not something we simply believe. It is something we live out with every choice. What part of your day isn’t covered by “whatever you do, in word or deed, do in the name of Jesus” (Colossians 3:17)?
In order to live consistent with the world as God created it, we must learn to listen to the One who created it throughout our day. In order to be able to listen to the One who created the world, we must know how to hear His voice. In order to hear His voice, we must know what it sounds like. In order to know what it sounds like, we must be learning to listen to it in the only Source that we for sure know speaks for Him – the Word of God.
Jesus came to give us life. The only way we can experience that life is to live each day consistently with how He made the world and us within that world. This starts with the Book of Books. Make it your joy to learn how to listen to Him while reading through it each year.
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