Ending the Slippery Slope

slippery slope“Then came the Feast of Dedication at Jerusalem.” (John 10:22) This Feast is now called Chanukah. Today is when the third of eight candles will be lit after sundown. In this passage, Jesus is celebrating this Feast, which contains a wonderful lesson for all of us.
In 167 BC, a Jewish priest led a revolt against the world’s super power at the time. Why? Political freedom? Nope. Religious freedom? Wrong again. It was a revolt to stop the compromising in order to walk with the Lord according to Scripture. Society was putting tremendous pressure on the Jewish people to stop living God’s way. A number had become Hellenized, meaning they started living like the world through one compromise after another. Some stopped circumcising their children. Others went so far as to reverse their circumcision; especially athletes, who at times competed in the nude.
This pressure culminated in the government putting an obscene idol in the Jerusalem Temple – a final compromise that couldn’t be tolerated. The government overstepped itself. A revolt ensued and a miracle happened, which had nothing to do with the Menorah lighting. It was that these men listened to their God and followed Him regardless of the pressure to do otherwise. No one was going to tell them how to live, but God Himself. God used this tiny band of Jewish soldiers to defeat the world’s super power! Historians still speak of this awesome undertaking.
This is the historical background and the context of Jesus’ statement in John 10:27. Jesus performed miracles right before the very eyes, much like what they were celebrating at that very moment; and, they still refused to believe in Him. He went on to say, “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me.” Despite the pressure, you don’t follow what any government, culture, family or friends say if it doesn’t match with Scripture. Your senses will get poked and prodded to make a compromise here, another one there, until there are no compromises left to be made. You either listen to Jesus or you don’t, which is your choice. You can’t enjoy all that He has to give you if you want to fit in with those around you.
Government may take our rights away. They may infringe on our religious freedoms. They cannot, I repeat cannot stop us from listening to and following Jesus!
If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, you are His sheep and He knows you! How cool is that, right? Who are you listening to this Chanukah and Christmas season? One leads to your drugs of choice and failure, while the other leads to the sweat taste and celebration of victory. God is in the miracle business of changing lives. Keep listening to and following Him, and Him alone, and your life will be changed!
“S”et Free Nowww

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