Protect Yourself!

shield upWisdom dictates that you stand behind your shield, not in front. It’s also wise to have your shield up rather than down. These might be “duh” statements, but here is the reality. How often do you go throughout your day with your shield down at best and in back at worst?
Here’s something to think about. Have you listened to Jesus in the Word today? If not, your shield is down. Have you committed to memory what He either told, pointed out or challenged you with? If not, your shield is behind you. If both are true, your enemy’s lies have carte blanche to hit you square between the eyes; and to be blunt, you have no one to blame but yourself when you face defeat.
Correct this dangerous situation! Stop what you’re doing. If you’re in a place to read and listen to the Word, do it. If not, still ask Jesus to bring to your mind the specific truths you’ll need to defeat the lies your enemy will shoot at you today. When you do, at least you’ve given yourself a fighting chance for victory as your shield is now in front. It’s up to you in the power of the Spirit to hold it up throughout your day.
You know the enemy will attack. It’s in his nature to do so. Therefore, protect yourself! Put specific lie fighting truths into your brain and then keep thinking on those truths throughout your day. This is a winning battle strategy. Shield up and in front.
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