Process Your Disappointments Truthfully

just jesusLandon Donovan, arguably one of America’s greatest soccer (futbol to the rest of the world) players, had this to say about one of the biggest disappointments in his life – not making the American squad for the 2012 World Cup, in what would have been the final Cup of his illustrious career.
“I know this is going to sound stupid to a lot of people, but I’m glad I didn’t go. It’s good for me to see it’s not always going to go [my] way. I grew a lot more by that happening than by me going to the World Cup. To me, life is about growing as a person.”
Realty, as Scripture describes it, states that life is unfair and at times, unjust. No matter how hard we try, life might turn our differently than we had planned or hoped. This can lead to great disappointment. How we handle those disappointments is crucial.
We can either surrender to Jesus and let Him use those disappointments to shave away our unChrist-like character and replace it with His; or, we can let those disappointments draw us closer to our drugs of choice that reinforce our unChrist-like character and ruin us.
No Donovan. What you said is really quite enlightening. If only we all would listen to this sage advice and choose to turn disappointment into life-changing victory.
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