An Unconditional Love Breaks Into a Conditional World

unconditional loveI read a statement that caused me to ask, “Can what this person be saying actually be true?” They wrote, “Unconditional love is such an amazing non-reality.”
As I processed this statement through the Word, it started to sink in as true. We live in a fallen world, which means people as imperfect beings can and will hurt us. In order to protect ourselves from this hurt, we make boundaries or put up defensive walls. This very action means love can’t be unconditional. In effect we’re saying, “I’ll love you only so far. I’ll open up to you only as far as can I trust you not to hurt me.” Life on this planet is bathed in conditional love for this reason.
This is why we needed God’s unconditional love to break through our existence. He opens Himself up to us knowing that we will hurt and disappoint Him. He loved us long before He ever got anything out of the relationship too. He is our example of pure unadulterated unconditional love.
His unconditional love has been poured into our lives through the Spirit of God (Rom. 5:5). It’s already there; and yet, the Lord knowing it’s extremely difficult to not only grasp this kind of love, but experience it as well (Eph. 3:17-19) asks us to pray for each other to make it happen.
Who are you allowing to pray for you? Experiencing this love has to start with first believing it’s possible and then opening up to it. Let someone pray for you today!
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