Think Through Feelings not Follow Them

gone thinkingAs healthy believers we don’t feel, but rather think our way into action as faith based decisions often go against the way we feel at any given moment. I like taking my drugs of choice as they make me feel good; yet this immediate high eventually becomes disastrous. Jesus asks us then to listen to and follow Him, which in some cases will not make sense let alone feel right.
One author put it this way, “Feelings are functional only when they are under intellectual control. When the opposite is the case, when feelings rule thought processes, irrational thinking and behavior are the inevitable outcome.” He showed through research that “for more than forty years, parents and schools have put more emphasis on children’s feelings (i.e., making them feel good about themselves) rather than on their thoughts. This is why so many of them have such difficulty thinking straight: choosing responsibility over irresponsibility, delaying gratification, holding back the wild horses of their impulses.”
It’s okay to feel, but they must be processed through the Truth. Jesus didn’t feel like going to the cross in Gethsemane; yet, He went anyway as He filtered His feelings through what His Father told Him. Aren’t you glad His emotions were under the control of His thoughts?
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