Two Ears One Mouth – the Art of Listening

listen 2Scripture says, “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.” Do you realize this phrase is used in the context of our relationship with Jesus, not other believers (James 1:13ff)? Life hits us and we often are quick to talk to God or get angry with Him. We’re even tempted to start whining.
Yet scripture teaches us to shut up and listen! Jesus said, and I’m paraphrasing now, “My sheep listen and follow. They don’t try to figure it out and then follow. They don’t try to analyze it and then do what I tell them. They simply listen and follow, especially when life doesn’t make sense to them.”
Our first reaction to life should be to stop and listen, rather than to react. Yet, “it is natural to struggle with silence. Sitting silently is intimidating, awkward and uncomfortable. Well-intentioned people therefore sometimes fill the silence by saying things that are in fact insensitive, thoughtless or even hurtful” to others, themselves and/or to Jesus.
Silence is indeed golden at times. Be quick to listen to Jesus. Very slow to speak and drop the anger to the perceived wrong you’re facing. Instead, slow the thoughts down and learn the art of listening, so you can follow the only One who can make sense of what you’re going through.
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