Enter Darkness and Win

imageI was in Pasadena today ministering with a friend. He was sensing some spiritual warfare issues that needed to be resolved in a particular town and wanted some back up.
Our journey took us to a tunnel. It opened over water, but went back into deep darkness. I felt compelled to keep going deeper and deeper into this darkness. After 50′ I started feeling a little uneasy. Should I go on or turn back to the light at the tunnel opening? It was then I remembered that I had a flashlight on my phone. One of those “duh” moments.
Yet even after turning it on, I still felt that same uneasiness. I had a light, but the darkness was so dark I couldn’t see more than ten feet at a time. My mind began to think, “There could be someone in the back and I could be walking into a very bad situation.”
So I began to give myself all kinds of excuses and reasons to turn around and head back to the tunnel entrance. It was then I heard Jesus say, “What do you have to fear?” My head became clear. I immediately turned around and walked to the back of the tunnel, which finally ended with a hugely graffitied wall.
No one was back there. The Lord reminded me of what He told Joshua, “Be strong. Be courageous. I will give you every step you place your foot.”
Victory was had when I shut out the other voices to hear only Jesus’. I conquered a fear and overcame all the excuses by following what Jesus said to do.
My friends, what fear must you overcome to experience victory? What excuses or valid reasons must you turn around from to know the thrill of victory first hand?
Victory over your negative character traits or drugs of choice comes by going through the dark times with the light of God’s word (specific lie fighting truths) and listening to your Jesus telling you to keep going forward.
I gotta tell ya that victory over the darkness in my life and in my friend’s ministry sure felt good.
Set Free Now”W“w

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