Love Jesus Leave Changing Others to Him

forwardIt’s interesting how Jesus speaks to us through His Word, through conversations, even through comic strips! Today, a lesson we all need to learn came out both in a conversation I had and in a comic strip I read: Go forward with Jesus, even if it means leaving others behind. If we want victory over our failures to draw closer to and become more like Jesus, sometimes we must move forward regardless of what others do.
The moment we wait for those we love and/or others in our lives to grow before we do, we’ve effectively given them control of our lives. And who would you rather have control your life, Jesus or them?
If you believe Jesus is the source of all you need to be secure, significant and loved, you’ve only one option – follow Him wherever He takes you. In order to this, however, we must learn how to love on, not attempt to change, those around us until they’re ready to go forward.
Your job is to keep in step with the Spirit (Galatians 5:25). Love on others and leave the changing to Him.
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